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Hi, my name is Sarah Delahanty.
I am currently a Cinematic Artist at NCSOFT well versed in managing, directing, and producing creative brand assets for AAA games from pre- through post-production.


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My Skills

Program Skills

  • After Effects
  • Final Cut
  • Premier
  • Avid
  • Maya
  • 3ds Max
  • Cinema4D
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Dreamweaver

Development Skills

  • Game Capture
  • Editing
  • Script Dev
  • Technical Direction
  • Compression
  • Archiving
  • Pipeline
  • Management

Design Skills

  • MoGraph Design
  • Web Design
  • Screenshots
  • Graphics Design

About Me

Sarah J. Delahanty

An accomplished Cinematic Artist with 10 years of professional video and animation production experience. From serious gamer to gaming professional, I dove into the gaming industry in 2009 editing gameplay trailers, teasers, show floor videos, pitch videos, press footage, developer diaries, and animating logos for AAA titles.


  • Wildstar®
  • DC Comics’ Infinite Crisis™
  • The Lord of the Rings Online™
  • Dungeons & Dragons Online™
  • Asheron's Call®
  • Employment

    Cinematic Artist2013 - Present


    • No stranger to the demands of publishing teams, I tackle all aspects of marketing trailers, teasers, promo videos, convention videos, and b-roll. I plan our team’s schedule and ensure all requests are met.

      Creative direction
      • Provide creative feedback for publishing assets across multiple titles
      • Collaborate with the development, brand, PR and community teams
      • Recommend external agencies and direct outsourced projects
      • Lead weekly creative reviews for the NCWest creative team
      • Write and edit scripts for trailers, feature videos, and DevSpeaks
      • Plan and direct non-scripted videos, e.g., developer diaries

      • Pipeline management and scheduling of the Cinematic team
      • Communicate with Brand, PR and Community teams to plan future requests
      • Collect information from development teams to ensure accuracy of visual assets
      • Write and review job descriptions for open team positions
      • Implementation of JIRA and Confluence as part of our request process
      • Organization and upkeep of over 30 TBs of data
      • Solve storage, rendering, and system issues with IT
      • Maintain and update local server and clients with current builds
      • Organize and run group capture sessions with internal and external teams
      • Ran Carbine's largest group capture sessions with up to 40 players

      • Plan, shoot, and edit HD gameplay trailers in a fast-paced environment
      • In-game camera operation and macro scripting
      • Mograph design and animation for logos, end slates, title cards
      • Post-effects editing and color correction
      • Camera operator, grip, and moderator for weekly Twitch livestreams
      • Knowledgeable of current ratings regulations (ESRB, PEGI, USK)
      • Localize scripts and integrate subtitles for 4 regions
      • Rendering and compression of all language versions for press and YouTube
      • Improved shot lists using shared Google Spreadsheet

    Senior Video Editor2009 - 2013

    Warner Bros. Games

    Developed marketing trailers, cutscenes, motion graphics, and corporate videos from development through post-production for across all IP’s, and live and development, including DC Comics’ Infinite Crisis, Dungeons & Dragons Online, The Lord of the Rings Online, and Asheron's Call.

    • • In-game camera operation and macro scripting
    • • Capture live game footage in HD
    • • Worked closely with the development teams to develop accurate and informative assets
    • • Light, shoot, and interview team members for developer diaries
    • • Key and composite live action green screen footage
    • • 2D and 3D motion graphics, e.g, logo animations, text slates, lower thirds, and slates
    • • Color correction, final media preparation, and compression of all released video assets
    • • Incorporation of proper ratings icons (ESRB) and legal lines
    • • Integration of subtitles and localized VO for international partners
    • • Manage over 25 TB of local data for all approved assets
    • • Assist with maintaining local server and clients with current and operational builds
    • • Record and submit weekly reports for the whole video and audio team
    • • Internal monthly compilation of recent work produced by the team

    3D Animator2008-2009


    3D animation for Discovery Channel’s "Build It Bigger"

    • • Modeled and animated 3D renderings of large-scale construction projects
    • • Subjects included the ARIA Hotel in Las Vegas and Ada Bridge in Serbia
    • • Worked closely with the in-house animator to maintain a consistent look and feel


    Sputnik Animation

    3D and 2D animation and compositing, rigging, lighting, modeling, and texturing primarily for television.

    • • Discovery Channel - "Build it Bigger"
    • • History Channel - "Tougher In Alaska"
    • • PBS (WGBH) - "Design Squad", "This Old House"
    • • National Geographic Channel - "Back to the Moon"
    • • Animal Planet - "Dogs 101", "Cats 101"
    • • A&E - "Intervention"
    • • Nova
    • • Designed and animated trade show presentations for IDEXX and other companies
    • • Museum exhibition and kiosk animations for the Smithsonian


    Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

    • Motion graphic design and animation for a 13-part multimedia environmental science course produced in conjunction with Annenberg Media, “The Habitable Planet”

    • Dynamic 3D particle animation demonstrating “Cosmic Inflation” for a NASA proposal


    2002 - 2006

    BFA - Film / Animation / Video

    Rhode Island School of Design



    Brown University

    1998 - 2002

    High School Diploma

    Cape Elizabeth High School


    Blacksmithing Workshop

    Haystack Student Craft Institute

    1997 - 2001, 2008

    Various courses

    Maine College of Art


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