Sarah J. Delahanty

Currently the Senior Media Artist for Blizzard Entertainment's Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft teams. With a decade of professional experience in media creation, I am well versed in managing, directing, and producing creative brand assets for AAA games from pre- through post-production.


My Card

My Skills

Program Skills

  • After Effects
  • Final Cut
  • Premier
  • Avid
  • Maya
  • 3ds Max
  • Cinema4D
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Dreamweaver

Development Skills

  • Game Capture
  • Editing
  • Script Dev
  • Technical Direction
  • Compression
  • Archiving
  • Pipeline
  • Management

Design Skills

  • MoGraph Design
  • Web Design
  • Screenshots
  • Graphics Design

About Me

Sarah J. Delahanty

An accomplished Media Artist with ten years of professional video and animation production experience. Sarah switched gears in 2009 from educational programming to editing gameplay trailers, teasers, show floor videos, pitch videos, press footage, developer diaries, and animating logos for AAA titles.

Titles Supported

  • StarCraft®
  • Heroes of the Storm™
  • Wildstar®
  • DC Comics’ Infinite Crisis™
  • The Lord of the Rings Online™
  • Dungeons & Dragons Online™
  • Asheron's Call®
  • Employment

    Senior Media Artist2017 - Present

    Blizzard Entertainment

    • Currently embedded with the video production team responsible for the majority of Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft II video content.

      • In-engine cinematography for both properties
      • Improved communication and review process with the development teams
      • Implemented new capture processes and shot list system
      • Direct junior members of the video team
      • Build cutscenes with proprietary tools
      • Lead discussions on updating and rebranding regular content drops

    Cinematic Artist2013 - 2015


    • No stranger to the demands of publishing teams, I tackle all aspects of marketing trailers, teasers, promo videos, convention videos, and b-roll. I plan our team’s schedule and ensure all requests are met.

      Creative direction
      • Provide creative feedback for publishing assets across multiple titles
      • Collaborate with the development, brand, PR and community teams
      • Recommend external agencies and direct outsourced projects
      • Lead weekly creative reviews for the NCWest creative team
      • Write and edit scripts for trailers, feature videos, and DevSpeaks
      • Plan and direct non-scripted videos, e.g., developer diaries

      • Pipeline management and scheduling of the Cinematic team
      • Communicate with Brand, PR and Community teams to plan future requests
      • Collect information from development teams to ensure accuracy of visual assets
      • Write and review job descriptions for open team positions
      • Implementation of JIRA and Confluence as part of our request process
      • Organization and upkeep of over 30 TBs of data
      • Solve storage, rendering, and system issues with IT
      • Maintain and update local server and clients with current builds
      • Organize and run group capture sessions with internal and external teams
      • Ran Carbine's largest group capture sessions with up to 40 players

      • Plan, shoot, and edit HD gameplay trailers in a fast-paced environment
      • In-game camera operation and macro scripting
      • Mograph design and animation for logos, end slates, title cards
      • Post-effects editing and color correction
      • Camera operator, grip, and moderator for weekly Twitch livestreams
      • Knowledgeable of current ratings regulations (ESRB, PEGI, USK)
      • Localize scripts and integrate subtitles for 4 regions
      • Rendering and compression of all language versions for press and YouTube
      • Improved shot lists using shared Google Spreadsheet

    Senior Video Editor2009 - 2013

    Warner Bros. Games

    Developed marketing trailers, cutscenes, motion graphics, and corporate videos from development through post-production for across all IP’s, and live and development, including DC Comics’ Infinite Crisis, Dungeons & Dragons Online, The Lord of the Rings Online, and Asheron's Call.

    • • In-game camera operation and macro scripting
    • • Capture live game footage in HD
    • • Worked closely with the development teams to develop accurate and informative assets
    • • Light, shoot, and interview team members for developer diaries
    • • Key and composite live action green screen footage
    • • 2D and 3D motion graphics, e.g, logo animations, text slates, lower thirds, and slates
    • • Color correction, final media preparation, and compression of all released video assets
    • • Incorporation of proper ratings icons (ESRB) and legal lines
    • • Integration of subtitles and localized VO for international partners
    • • Manage over 25 TB of local data for all approved assets
    • • Assist with maintaining local server and clients with current and operational builds
    • • Record and submit weekly reports for the whole video and audio team
    • • Internal monthly compilation of recent work produced by the team

    3D Animator2008-2009


    3D animation for Discovery Channel’s "Build It Bigger"

    • • Modeled and animated 3D renderings of large-scale construction projects
    • • Subjects included the ARIA Hotel in Las Vegas and Ada Bridge in Serbia
    • • Worked closely with the in-house animator to maintain a consistent look and feel


    Sputnik Animation

    3D and 2D animation and compositing, rigging, lighting, modeling, and texturing primarily for television.

    • • Discovery Channel - "Build it Bigger"
    • • History Channel - "Tougher In Alaska"
    • • PBS (WGBH) - "Design Squad", "This Old House"
    • • National Geographic Channel - "Back to the Moon"
    • • Animal Planet - "Dogs 101", "Cats 101"
    • • A&E - "Intervention"
    • • Nova
    • • Designed and animated trade show presentations for IDEXX and other companies
    • • Museum exhibition and kiosk animations for the Smithsonian


    Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

    • Motion graphic design and animation for a 13-part multimedia environmental science course produced in conjunction with Annenberg Media, “The Habitable Planet”

    • Dynamic 3D particle animation demonstrating “Cosmic Inflation” for a NASA proposal


    2002 - 2006

    BFA - Film / Animation / Video

    Rhode Island School of Design



    Brown University

    1998 - 2002

    High School Diploma

    Cape Elizabeth High School


    Blacksmithing Workshop

    Haystack Student Craft Institute

    1997 - 2001, 2008

    Various courses

    Maine College of Art


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